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The grounds surrounding your business are

the first impression a customer has of your

company. Maintaining your grounds is important.

Your home is an important investment. Protecting

that investment and/or improving it makes

good financial sense. 

Lawn Maintenance Services we offer:

-Our weekly lawn service includes mowing entire yard, edging along sidewalks and driveways, and blowing or bagging grass 

        clippings.  Rates start at $40 for 11,000 sq. ft. or less 
-Fertilizer Program: To keep lawns looking the best we apply organic fertilizer through out the season plus weed and grub control when

          needed. Rates start at $55 for 11,000 sq. For More information click here
-Field Mowing
-Spring/Fall Clean-up
-Tree & Shrub pruning
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                                                                                         Mowing Service
We will mow your lawn weekly (usually on the same day but due to rain and weather, we may run a day early or a day behind.  We will mow, line trim (weed whip) and blow mowing debris weekly.  Please have trees and plants protected from the line trimmer.  Edging along concrete will occur every other week.  

                                                                                        Help us help you
In order for us to give you great service at a great price, we need your help in preparing your yard.  Please check the areas to be serviced and remove trash, paper, tyos, garden hoses, tools, pet droppings, etc.  We will do our best to trim around trampolines, playhouses, lawn furniture, hammocks, etc.  Please remember to have your gate unlocked for us on your cut day.

                                                                                         Mowing Day Info

Service Day
We will assign you a mow day when you sign up for service.  This mow day will stay the same for the season unless we notify you.  We cannot guarantee a specific time due to our expanding schedule.  We mow Monday through Friday (even during holidays) until dark.

Accident Policy
Please contact the office within 24 hours to report a problem.  We can send the crew back to make corrections or make adjustments for future mowing.  All wiring around the home in areas that will be serviced should be protected including A/C unit wiring, landscape lighting, electrical boxes, cable and phone lines with conduit / PVC, etc.  If you have any questions please call us.  Upon arrival if our crew notices pre-existing damage, we will photograph it with a time and date stamp.  This will only occur if our crew happens to notice something.  

Service Changes
Please contact our office 2 business days prior to your scheduled service day to guarantee a service change.

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