Step 4: Mid Summer
Slow-Release Fertilizer (26-2-11)

Step 5: Late Summer
Weed & Feed (18-2-9)

Step 6: Fall to Early Winter

Slow-Release (Feeds all winter) (18-0-18)

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Benefits of Using a Fertilizer Program Include:

Healthy lawns provide aesthetic, recreational, and environmental benefits.
A well-maintained lawn and landscape significantly increase your property value and can build a strong source of community pride.
Properly fertilized lawns better tolerate stresses such as heat, drought, and cold.

Fertilizing lawns maintains density and plant vigor, enhances green color, and encourages growth and recovery from turf damage and seasonal turf stresses (such as hot, dry periods and snow mold). Applying the right fertilizer at the correct time helps turf plants accumulate and store the essential plant foods (sugars/carbohydrates) that are used for growth and development.

Dense, healthy, properly fertilized lawns require fewer pesticides to manage weeds, diseases, and insects. Lawns receiving periodic fertilization also help protect water quality by substantially reducing water runoff and potential soil losses.

Step 1: Early Spring (around tax time)

​Pre-Emergent (19-0-7)

​Crab grass pre-emergent plus fertilizer

Step 2: Spring

Weed & Feed (18-2-9)

Step 3: Early Summer

​Slow-Release Fertilizer (26-2-11)




Malczewski's Lawn Care & Snow Removal  specializes in all aspects of lawn and garden fertilization.  Our knowledgeable State Licensed fertilization specialists can provide services ranging from one-time service for special situations to a fertilizer program that takes care of your entire property all year long.  We have custom built a fertilization program for your property.  The complete package will allow maximum benefit that will produce years of lush, thick, green grass. The prices shown are based on a 1,500 sq ft lawn.

​      All 6 Steps are listed below!

Lawn Care & Snow Removal

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