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Malczewski's Lawn Care uses the following five steps for the professional installation of paving stones:

1. Sod removal and soil excavation to the required depth for that particular surface
2. Base soil compacting
3. Addition of an aggregate base and aggregate compacting
4. Rough/torpedo sand
5. Hand installation of paving stones based upon desired designs

​​​Outdoor living spaces and hardscapes not only create lasting memories but they can add value to your home. Examples of hardscapes include:

          • Fire Pits                                                            • Stairs                                                           • Outdoor  grills

          • Paver Patios                                                  • walkways                                                     • Outdoor bar

          • Retaining Walls                                           • outdoor seating                                           • Pergola

Lawn Care & Snow Removal


What is a hardscape?

Hardscape refers to any non-living features such as stone walls, paver and brick patios and driveways, stepping stone pathways, and retaining walls.

Hardscape also adds functional value to your outdoor space. The art of using walls, pavers, and steps and other materials will help join the high and low areas of your property. Paving creates entertainment areas and provides circulation and stability. With careful consideration of architecture, we will use your property’s size, textures, and relationship to other elements to design your hardscape elements.